Welcome, I'm Elinor, (My friends call me Elly)
I am a Mother, Friend, Spiritual director, Spa therapist and Retreat facilitator.
I love all things centred in the Divine, that are simple, nourishing and inclusive.


Here at Seasons Soulcare we are about living a soulful and intentional life.
By slowing down and turning inward towards our heart and indwelling wisdom (God, Sophia the Divine ..) we can hear the places that need attention, healing, more joy, more softening and love.
I offer some tools and gentle re remembering of this by way of one to one companioning (Spiritual direction), Delicious Spa body treatments and lifestyle guidance and workshops on introducing as well as deepening the many ways we can slow down and access our hearts and our indwelling wisdom.

The following Values of Seasons Soulcare form the foundation of my work

  • Contemplation - contemplative spirituality, this includes my interest in Celtic, Benedictine spirituality, Desert mothers and fathers, Pilgrimage, Mystics and Saints.
  • Simplicity -clearing out that which hinders are spiritual journey)
  • Eco-Spirituality - our relation with the earth, the seasons and all her beings
  • Holistic - A whole and health filled life as well as a Big picture of a spiritual life
  • Inclusiveness - All are welcome here, what ever your spiritual tradition or not. I want you to be free to be who you are. I am committed to an inclusive place and space with myself and my offerings for all diversities
  • Hospitality - connecting with those places that need healing in both our world and our inner world
  • Nourishment - Do what nourishes you, create a yummy life a life that feeds your soul and heart

The gift of Soulcare is to help with your nourishment. To facilitate a deeper more richer sense of wholeness. The You you are becoming.

Some of the "FLAVOURS" that influence my work and my spiritual journey (and my human journey)

  • Progressive Christianity
  • Contemplative Spirituality
  • Celtic Christianity
  • Benedictine Spirituality
  • Natural mothering
  • Christian - LGBTQ+
  • Quakers
  • Waldorf education
  • Belle coeur spirituality
  • Hygee
  • Taize
  • Pilgrimage
  • Spa wellness
  • Beauty